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Henna Tattoo Art Ebook

Henna Tattoo Art Ebook

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This Ebook templates include 21 pages of tattoo style designs that can be created using henna or jagua.

You can also take these printouts with you to fundraisers or festivals.

You can download as JPG or PDF

You will receive the following designs (12 per page)

1. Floral
2. Hearts
3. Moon & Stars
4. Butterflies
5. Lotus Flower
6. Frangipani
7. Roses
8. Feathers
10. Swirls
11. Mandalas
12. Realistic Flowers
13. Snowflakes
14. Cats
15. Fairies
16. Birds
17. Spiders and bats
18. Musical
19. Leaves
20. Tribal
21. Lion

Total number of designs - 252
Total number of pages - 21
Size - 85 x 110mm (A4)

This ebook is available for download after purchase. You will receive an email where you can download the PDF version of the book.

PLEASE NOTE - This is not a physical book, it is a downloadable Ebook in PDF and jpg format.

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