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Mefix Tape (Henna Seal)

Mefix Tape (Henna Seal)

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Mefix is a self-adhesive fabric tape. It is flexible and confirms well to the body, also contours and allows body movement when in place.

The tape is made from a breathable material, therefore, preventing smudging.

This tape is not transparent.

Depending on stock availability.:

  • Length 1m - Width 5cm
  • Length 0.5m width 10cm

Applying the tape.
- Measure and cut the tape to size.
- remove the backing paper and fix on to the area where the henna or jagua is applied.

Removing tape.
Simply carefully peel off the tape or you can apply any oil to loosen it up.

The tape should not be applied to wet henna or henna that has been sprayed with a sealant as this could cause smudging.
Not recommended to use on sensitive skin or skin that is stretched like over a pregnant belly as removal is more likely to cause irritation.

Delivery - Royal Mail signed for 2nd class.

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